List Acquisition & Management

Your biggest business asset by far? Your list. Hands down.

It really doesn’t matter how good your marketing piece is, how beautifully designed your e-mail is, how compelling your offer. If you send it to the wrong person, an unqualified audience, it ends up in the trash — actual or virtual.

So let’s talk about lists. Common lists come from two main sources: 1) existing customers and 2) lists purchased or rented from list vendors. For the most part, they tend to be static. They are comfortably nestled in a database and are seldom tweaked.

SegMark has developed a network of list brokers that will find the right list for you — the first time. SegMark also has a number of innovative processes designed to help you acquire and build your own lists, according to your parameters.

Once you have your lists, SegMark turns them into workhorses. They are constantly updated, filtered, profiled, cleaned and refined to make sure only relevant messages get to qualified prospects.

The lesson is simple: If you consistently deliver your message to interested parties, you’ll not only save money, you’ll make money.

It all starts with the list...And a call to SegMark, of course.


Don't want to outsource this service but still want help to make it work harder for you? Visit our Section on  Assisted Marketing

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