Traditional - Media

The true value of SegMark Solutions, LLC is our understanding and deployment of segmented marketing. Our ability to target specific messages to specific audiences represents a smarter spend for your marketing dollar – especially in these budget-tight times. We offer several highly effective methodologies and technologies to accomplish even the most ambitious marketing goals.

Traditional marketing efforts include newspaper and/or magazine advertising, vendor listings in industry publications, etc. – and conventional printed direct mail piece(s), both stand alone and within advertising opportunities (ie: inserts in newspapers). Radio and television are also traditional in nature; let us help you decide if these outlets are right for you and your brand. Other outlets of traditional media include signage opportunities ( ie: billboards/banners/bus signs/etc.), educational seminars, “road shows” open to the public, among other promotional and public relations initiatives.

The internet has changed traditional marketing efforts to include opportunities of online advertising.  Let us guide you through the world of hits, clicks, click throughs, visitors and page views. We understand the process and can be your co-pilot through this global world.

In addition, SegMark continues to develop new, creative and innovative ways of marketing brands.

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