A PURL (Personalized URL) is a web page that’s been personalized for a prospect or client so that he/she will feel special, welcome, and appreciated by the sender. There is also a perception that if addressed by name, one is about to be exposed to relevant information.

For example: "www.segmark.com/John Smith", or "www.JohnSmith/segmark.com."

The premise is that John will be intrigued enough, impressed enough to be addressed by name, to click through to his page.

PURLs are used both to acquire and retain customers by engaging them in an interactive process that will develop or nurture interest in your company and its products.

Here’s how it works: Start by sending customers or prospects a customized, personalized message inviting them to visit a “micro-site” that bears their name to either consider an offer, or share their opinion on a matter of interest to them.

You lead them to their “welcome” page and engage them with an attractive offer and/or relevant information about your company, your products/services, or your topic of interest.

A GURL (Generalized URL) sends your recipient to a page of interest that is more generic and less personalized yet still highly relevant. ("www.segmarksolutions.com/mothersdayspecials")


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