Exhibitor Webinars

The key feature of a webinar is in its interactive element - the ability to give, receive and discuss information. With web-based presentations you have the ability to give, receive and discuss information between the presenters and the audience.

Engage hundreds of participants at once. Attendees join from anywhere via their computer or mobile device. Reach more people. Build more relationships. Expand your business.

Webinars are a growing discipline in the importance of impacting a business’ bottom line. Clear, concise messaging wrapped in a smart, well-run webinar is one of the most powerful tools in the business toolbox.

SegMark has the tools for an impressive webinar program to feature key programs for exhibition companies. Get exhibitors and key vendors together to learn about new programs and opportunities for upcoming shows. Get your full sales team all on the same page in one informative webinar.

SegMark will make your company more effective in planning, administrating, delivering, and benefitting from webinars by applying the very best practices.

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