Business Marketing Solutions

Set up all your business brochures, flyers, sales sheets, e-mail templates, photos, on your own web portal and create campaigns in minutes, update flyers to print on demand, reprint letterhead and business cards, on your own, on your own time. If you have reps or dealers, ensure your messaging is consistent, protect your branding, control your coop dollars.

Marketing Portal

Major applications and benefits of Marketing Portals:

• Minimize turnaround time on all marketing communication media.
• Ensure up to the minute updating of all marketing messaging.
• Maximize marketing funds by eliminating duplication.
• Constantly Increase library of templates, graphics, content, lists.
• Ongoing list management, profiling, and hygiene.
• Company collateral: Brochures, flyers, ad slicks…
• Company stationery: Letterhead, business cards…
• Internal Communication: memos, meetings…
• Newsletters: Both print and e-mail
• Dealers and Reps: Cohesive, consistent messaging
• Coop Advertising: Control quality and content

Don't want to outsource this service but still want help to make it work harder for you? Visit our Section on  Assisted Marketing

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