Benefits of E-mail

Lead conversion template

VIP ticket invitation order site

Spam Score

Personalized reply mail


Analytics: clicks

Analytics: Sent/Open/Read/Clicked

Analytics: Sent/Open/Read/Clicks

This is an example of a template designed to allow Show exhibitors to customize a thank you note to visitors, and try to secure a follow-up appointment.








This invitation order site features printed tickets, e-mails, and web banners, all of which can be customized to the client's branding





Before we send out e-mails, we run the HTML through a spam filter that will flag design or wording that could cause the mail to end up in a junk folder.







Personalization plays a large role in readership and perceived relevance. Once we have names in our list profiles, we can insert them anywhere, even in the subject line.






Split-testing is useful to optimize opens and read rates. We use split-testing for subject lines, and for content. We select the more successful combination and guarantee increases in redership




Analytics are the most important contribution of e-mail. They allow you to track the success of your capaign at every step, an to make adjustment where needed based on facts, not hunches.


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