Joe Watson

Joe Watson, President


Joe is a corporate leader providing segmented marketing solutions for businesses in traditional marketing, digital marketing, assisted marketing and multimedia marketing. He has exclusively developed and applied proprietary marketing software that enables all types of businesses to successfully market their individual services/products effectively to their targeted clientele. He has worked with trade show producers and exhibitors for 25 years, assisting them with their marketing needs for both domestic and international events.

His insights into segmented marketing techniques and distinctive creative marketing campaigns have been successfully implemented for a clientele of varying business trades. From key logo branding initiatives to eMarketing technology to the various social media platforms, he has delivered positive results for SegMark clients, developing more effective and targeted communications between businesses and their current clients/prospects. Joe’s vision, understanding, and implementation of digital technology certifies SegMark Solutions as a leader among other marketing companies.

Joe is also a successful and acknowledged industry expert on printing, mailing and print-vendor relations. A sought-after speaker in both the private and public business sectors, he has spoken several times at the Folio Show in New York, the foremost event for the printing and publishing industry. In addition, he has developed and presented customized corporate seminars, training webinars and one-to-one tutorials to marketing and production teams for numerous Fortune 500 companies, among others.

In 2003, Joe founded NorthEast Tennis magazine that serves up smart, relevant coverage of the sport, national and international, as well as placing a focus on regional talent, tournaments, fitness, health, instruction, and issues that directly impact an enthusiastic and growing northeast tennis market. As publisher and contributing writer, he has established NorthEast Tennis Magazine as the region’s premier tennis publication.

In the community, Joe is an active member with several non-profit organizations. He is also a past-President of the Norwalk Exchange Club.

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