Erin Soden

Erin Soden

Project Coordinator & Data Specialist

Erin has exceptional skills in data segmentation and list management and manipulation. She works one-on-one with many clients on their database information to execute and support marketing initiatives.

As databases house valuable information that service our SegMark clientele and increase client business, Segmark is prolific in executing segmented marketing strategies and performing data extraction and lead generation. Maximizing the data in a company’s marketing list is essential in delivering a key message to a target audience. SegMark turns lists into workhorses. Erin is a master at list management and segmentation – updating, filtering, profiling, cleaning and refining.

As the liaison between SegMark’s printing and direct mail divisions, Erin assists in managing and monitoring direct mail marketing projects, mail pieces and delivery. She also liaises with the U.S. Postal Service pertaining to postage, software, policies and procedures.

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